Hunting and Wall Tent Stoves from Midnight Sun

Outdoorsmen prefer Cylinder Stoves because of their innovative design and construction. Cylinder Stoves was the first to manufacture an outdoor stove with an innovative cylinder design. The cylinder design, along with a combination of 10, 12, and 14 gauge steel means a warp free stove which customers report holds heat longer. You’ll spend less in maintenance and save money on fuel. Quality speaks for itself.

The material we use for our canvas tents is 10.38 oz. preshrunk marine grade army duck canvas treated with sun forger to make it water repellant and mildew resistant. All seams are folded and double stitched with a lock stitch machine. All reinforcement patches are angled and match up evenly with adjoining patches. All corners, both on the sidewall and the ridge, are reinforced for added durability. The eave of the tent is stitched down to the wall between grommets to insure proper drainage. Tent wall is 5\’2″ so that after shrinkage it will finish at a full 5 feet. Inside the tent along the eaves there are loops for clothes lines or dividers sewn in every 3 feet at the seams. There are also sewn in loops inside the tent at the base of the wall every 3 feet, these can be used to tie down a floor or other set items. We have incorporated a spacious, sown in pocket at the front of the tent for convenient storage and use. A door at each end makes for much better ventilation than a door and window. It also makes it easy to set up two tents together. Each door has a 7 ft. tall #10 zipper and has a 6″ weather flap inside and outside of the door. These flaps have small grommets and D-rings for tying flaps shut if the zipper ever fails. At the bottom of each door is a nylon Fastex Buckle which keeps stress off zipper when setting up tent. All grommets are rolled-rim spur grommets. Each grommet is individually reinforced with webbing to increase strength.